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Every golfer has a unique swing

Golfclub Fitting
Whether you have hcp 36 or are a single hcp player, you will play better with a golf set that exactly matches your unique swing.

Many golf clubs from the rack are made for the average golfer. And there is no such thing as an average golfer. Swing speeds, attack and launch angle, spin and swingplane can vary greatly from golfer to golfer. In addition, the shafts of these clubs are rarely spun (the spine of the shaft in the right place) and usually even the stiffness of the shafts in 1 set is not constant. These factors can cause your golf game to be inconsistent as well.

We have also found that if it says stiff or regular on a shaft, it is often not that stiff or regular at all. Golf is hard enough, especially with an unreliable set that doesn't match your unique swing.

You will be at Golf Etc. fit in the same manner and with the same accuracy as the tour players are fitted. When we make a set for you, every club will feel the same, fit your swing exactly and help you play better. And playing better is more fun.

OUR TEAMis certified and up to date

Our club builders are of course certified and up to date and build the ideal golf set for you with the utmost precision.

It's a lifetime fitting!

Rob Verhappen
Rob VerhappenGecertificeerd Clubbuilder en Clubfitter
Louise Briggs
Louise BriggsGecertificeerd Clubbuilder

You can expect this with a fitting

  1. Measuring your current set
  2. Interview about your golf game
  3. Entering data into the BGF system
  4. Testing different compositions in the "batting cage"
  5. Link your data to 12,000 other players
  6. Advice + quotation about your personal set
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Zo maken wij uw golfclubs CLUBBUILDINGPROCES

Three ways of purchasing golf clubs

With us you can buy clubs 'off the rack' like any regular golf shop. These clubs can sometimes feel and perform differently due to a standard way of assembly in the factory.

In addition to the standard clubs, we offer two other options:

  1. Assembled to size as optimally as possible with standard stock shafts' and of course then assembled to size as optimally as possible with 'custom / upgrade'
  2. Club building with custom shafts

In addition, we give you a glimpse into the process of club building. You immediately understand that the costs are slightly higher, but the result is much better for you!


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